Rhythm Kids (ages 4-8 years)

Rhythm Kids is an exciting, comprehensive music program! Through singing, djembe drumming, creative movement and pre-literacy games, Rhythm Kids by Music Together® helps children become confident music makers. Rhythm Kids curriculum is designed to help children develop their rhythm skills and gain a deeper level of musical understanding, preparing them for formal music instruction.  

The program includes: 

  • Learning drumming patterns through playful animal-themed rhythmic chants
  • Experiencing and improvising with new repertoire using a range of percussion instruments
  • Ensemble and solo singing and drumming
  • Playing dynamic group and partner music and drumming games
  • Engaging in group movement activities and folk dances
  • Creating imaginative movements, improvising patterns, and sharing ideas with the group
  • Learning to take charge and lead others (like a conductor) as well as listen respectfully and follow peers/teacher when it is their turn to lead

Your tuition includes:

  • Weekly 45-minute classes for the duration of the semester. 
  • One (1) CD each semester with the songs, rhythm chants, "play-alongs," tonal and rhythm patterns used in class.
  • Digital Download Code to access the songs via the "Hello Everybody" app
  • Access to online video tutorials and play-alongs