Hear what people are saying about Music Together Vivo!

Child holding up a single purple maraca"It is all really remarkable to watch so much development happening [at Music Together®]. I thought things would end in astonishing me when she learned to speak . . . but when I continue to see more development in her, it blows me away."

"We play the CDs all the time in our home and in the car. Our family members attend Music Together classes in another area and we all sing the songs when we are together."


Mom and son dancing together - piggyback style! "Among my happiest memories from Sarah's toddler years were the times we spent at Music Together. It was the highlight of our week because for that hour we could just be together in a supportive, creative, and joyful environment."

"An educational, stimulating, and bonding activity for my child and our family."


Music Together Vivo teachers Cheryl and Amanda making music in a circle with families"I really feel a strong sense of community in our classroom. I enjoy the feeling of safety that my daughter has in music because she is comfortable and knows that not only am I looking out for her, but all the other parents are serving as role-models and caregivers to her as well."

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