Music Together® Online - Outdoor Activities

We are now online AND outdoors at Nativity Lutheran Church in Alexandria. 

Outdoor classes are small, and families are be required to sign up for time slots in advance to maintain appropriate spacing and masks will be required. No additional fees are associated with the outdoor classes - but please help us comply with social distancing requirements by signing up in advance for each day you plan to attend.


Outdoor Activity Missions - OAMs - give you opportunitites to weave music throughout your day, supporting your child's development in a multifaceted, wholistic way:

June Week 1 Activities and resources for parents

June Week 2 Activities and resources for parents

June Week 3 Activities and resources for parents

Documents will be updated as each week progresses! 

Scavenger hunt page 
























How many scavenger hunt items can you sing about?



Rhythm Kids - Sea Turtle Rhythm Pages 1 - 3:



Google Classroom

I know, it's ANOTHER new platform, but this one is going to be around for awhile, and the FCPS schools us it a lot. It is worth getting to know, and this coming from your tech saturated GenX online music teacher. Plus, it's a great way to keep all your resources organized and accessible in one place without relying as much on a video platform.

Google Classroom code - Maracas - eabuhe6

Google Classroom 'MARACAS' Class 

Google Classroom code - Rhythm Kids - ox76fct

Google Classroom 'SEA TURTLE' Rhythm Kids Class