Family Music Makers Membership

Cheryl Sabo
Music Together Vivo Online (location info)
Mon - Wed, TBA
Start Date: your choice
Duration: ongoing
End Date: ongoing


Music Together Vivo all-inclusive membersip includes:

  • in-person outdoor classes
  • interactive Zoom classes
  • private facebook group for sharing ideas, pics, and resources
  • pre-recorded study-at-home classes
  • parent support
  • lullaby videos
  • 4 Music Together® curriculum collections per year - Summer 2020 'Kazoo' and Fall 2020 'Bongos'
  • family dance parties
  • basket builders - instruments to build your personal music making basket

How it works:

  • All resources - links, Zoom schedules, and activity pages are organized in the Music Together Online Family Portal
  • Links and schedule reminders are emailed directly to you
  • Tuition is charged per family - $96 per month until you pause or cancel membership. When you register you are paying for your first and final month, which remains variable until we are notified.

Music Together Online Videos are unlisted and are copyrighted by Cheryl Sabo, HarmonyWithin, LLC. We ask that you please respect the copyright by not sharing Cheryl's online class videos with unregistered friends. There are many resources which are available to everyone through our public YouTube, Music Together Vivo Facebook page and website for free and we love it when you share our public pages with friends. 

Upcoming Meetings
08/03/20    TBA Monday 08/03/20 TBA
08/04/20    TBA Tuesday 08/04/20 TBA
08/05/20    TBA Wednesday 08/05/20 TBA
08/10/20    <None> Monday (August Break) 08/10/20
(August Break)
08/11/20    <None> Tuesday (August Break) 08/11/20
(August Break)
08/12/20    <None> Wednesday (August Break) 08/12/20
(August Break)
08/17/20    TBA Monday 08/17/20 TBA
08/18/20    TBA Tuesday 08/18/20 TBA
08/19/20    TBA Wednesday 08/19/20 TBA
08/24/20    TBA Monday 08/24/20 TBA
08/25/20    TBA Tuesday 08/25/20 TBA
08/26/20    TBA Wednesday 08/26/20 TBA
08/31/20    TBA Monday 08/31/20 TBA
09/01/20    TBA Tuesday 09/01/20 TBA
09/02/20    TBA Wednesday 09/02/20 TBA
09/07/20    TBA Monday 09/07/20 TBA
09/08/20    TBA Tuesday 09/08/20 TBA
09/09/20    TBA Wednesday 09/09/20 TBA
09/14/20    TBA Monday 09/14/20 TBA
09/15/20    TBA Tuesday 09/15/20 TBA
09/16/20    TBA Wednesday 09/16/20 TBA
09/21/20    TBA Monday 09/21/20 TBA
09/22/20    TBA Tuesday 09/22/20 TBA